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See what people have said about HIV self-sampling kits

"It’s a matter of I could just come home, I could do this and I could keep going with what I do in a normal day and then get my results." [African person, Glasgow]


"Yes. Yes. I like the idea of home sampling because it gives more choice, flexibility and opportunity for people to have an HIV test." [HIV specialist doctor, London]


"I took it on my own. I knew more or less the different steps, so it wasn’t that difficult. I think it’s something new. It’s a new tool, and we need to learn how to use a new tool first." [African user of a self-sampling kit, London]


"When I first looked at the kit and what I had to do, I thought it looked like it would be difficult to get enough blood. After doing it though I realised it was much easier than I thought at the start." [User of a self-sampling kit, Glasgow]

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